Disclaimer: This is not investment advice.

Per the FT — ETFs / Passive funds are key players in markets now!

I’m working on sharing the knowledge tactics I’ve learned 10 years of Wall St. to help investors, starting with a simple step-by-step book!

My plan is to share as much as possible. Here’s a fun one to start.

Shareholder ownership as a tool. TLDR…

Disclaimer: Not medical advice. Based on my own sleep data and experience and takeaways from conversations with doctors. LAY PERSPECTIVE!

What causes sleep apnea… and a potential new product!

What is snoring and sleep apnea? There is a narrowing or blockage in the airway, most likely in the retropharyngeal (i.e…

Surfing investment ideas

Disclaimer: Not investment advice. For information use only.

List of stock theses below.

Catching an AWESOME wave

The best stocks catch LONG waves…. like e-commerce which has both the most people and most money spend globally. …

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice.

Momentum stocks have corrected nearly 12% from the highs in February 16th this year. This factor is roughly flat YTD. The sudden correction caught me by surprise — and my portfolio was fairly concentrated in positive momentum stocks (SE, BILI, PPD, etc.).

Was there…

This is an oldy but goody post :) re-posting for anyone digging into tankers….

Update 6/18/20. These are my views (personal only) and the data and analysis provided to help you come to a conclusion.

The current trade is SHORT tankers as the current supply/demand outlook suggest rates will be…

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Investment analyst and biohacker

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